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The bistro "Lunch Under the Tree" is rated 2 cocottes by the Logis de France. It offers a traditional seasonal cuisine according to the inspirations of his head: large plates meals, business menus, menu Terroir.

You will spend a moment of relaxation in a simple and cordial frame, a former stable of the field, or on the shaded terrace.

The bistrot:

A formula thought by chef Mickael Guenon. It is a map made from fresh products prepared on site.

A "bistronomic" formula that combines the simplicity of recipes and products with the creativity of the chef to treat your taste buds while respecting your desires and your timing!

Quality Commitment:

Since 2013, the restaurant has been a Maitre Restaurateur, which means that we work more than 70% of the fresh produce, that the cooking is "home made and on the spot" by qualified professionals in cooking as in dining room, that we respect the rules of hygiene, that we make work mainly local producers and not large retailers to ensure freshness and quality of products.


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Restaurant Reservations:

Phone. 04 42 52 36 24

Opening time:

Lunchtime: Monday to Friday

In the evening: Monday to Saturday

All weekends by reservation for groups, banquets, seminars, family meals


  • Menu du Terroir - 35€

    Start + flat formula: 28 €

    Formula + dessert: 24 €


    * Lentil salad with smoked salmon and parsley (shallots, parsley, chives), cream, garlic

    * Crispy goat cheese pie with Espelette pepper, granny smith julienne and walnut kernels

    * Parsley snails in crispy shells x6


    * Fresh fish according to arrival, golden in crust of linden, cream of tomato garlic

    * Limousin beef parmentier with chorizo diced au montagnarde

    * Slices of duck breast just garnished, tart raspberry sauce


    * Crème brûlée with bourbon vanilla and maple syrup

    * Coconut flan "Mum", green apple espumas

    * Tartlet tatin revisited in chocolate delight, caramel sauce salted butter


  • Starters

    The Sour Goat Cheese (Crispy goat cheese pie with Espelette pepper, granny smith julienne and walnut kernels) €15.00
    The Marinated (Homemade trout gravelax on its surprise puff pastry and yuzu espumas) €15.50
    Le Bulle du Puy en Velay (Lentil salad with smoked salmon and parsley (shallots, parsley, chives), garlic cream) €14.50
    Snails (12 persimmon snails in crispy shells) €16.00
  • Risottos & Pasta

    The Wok (Supions stir-fried with shrimp broth, crunchy vegetables, noodles with buckwheat) €17.00
    Risotto (Risotto "Carnaroli" creamy with porcini mushrooms, duck aiguillettes just garnished with the scent of walnut oil) €19.00
  • Dishes

    La Criée (fresh fish according to arrival, golden in linden crust, tomatoe cream of garlic) €18.50
    Parmentier (Limousin beef pie with chorizo diced au montagnarde) €18.00
    The burger of the moment (Burger house (Limousin 180gr), stewed with red pepper onions, cheddar cheese, Pyrenean cheese, tomato roll, reblochon cream, artisanal thyme bread from Favalessa) €19.00
    LMe Duo on slate (Seared foie gras duo with pineapple chutney and trout gravelax espumas yuzu) €23.00
    Veal (Veal entrecote with peanut crusts and Jerusalem artichoke cream) €24.00
    Magret (duck breast marinated with sichuan peppers, tart raspberry sauce €25.00
  • The desserts

    Chocolate Suicide (Dark chocolate fondant, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, fruits of the moment) €9.50
    Crème brûlée (crème brûlée with vanilla bourbon and maple syrup) €8.00
    The Perfect (Coconut Flan "Mom", green apple espumas) €8.50
    La Tatin (Tartlet tatin revisited in chocolate delight, salted butter caramel sauce) €9.00
    The Creation (White chocolate cracker topped with a crunchy praline chocolate and caramelized vanilla sweetness) €8.50
    A small ice cream (ice cream cup with sorbets, to choose between chocolate / vanilla / lemon / raspberry (3 balls)) €7.50
    Gourmet coffee or tea €9.00

The Great Salads Meals

  • The delights of Aristée:

    Mesclun, beaufort dice, coppa, diced chorizo, walnuts, boiled eggs, sweet potato, granny smith, homemade croutons, cherry tomatoes

    Small model: 14 €

    Great model: 18 €

  • The Neptunus:

    Mesclun, trout gravelax, squid rouelles, mussels, red cabbage, grapefruit, yuzu espumas, cherry tomatoes

    Small model: 14,50 €

    Large model: 18,50 €

  • The Ceres Harvest:

    Mesclun, hummus croutons, julienne of red cabbage, granny apple, crunchy vegetables at the mercy of the market

    Small model: 13 €

    Great model: 17 €

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